Desktop Facebook Game:

  • I can’t see the whole game screen. The right part of the game is missing. What should I do?
    – The low width screen is not supported, please play in full-screen mode by clicking at the option button located at the bottom left of the screen, then click at full-screen mode button.
  • I can’t play the game on mobile web browser. What should I do?
    – Mobile web browser is not supported. For Android, please download the game on Google Play. For iOS, please download the game on the App Store. If the game mobile version is not available yet, please stay tuned.
  • The game is not loading or is freezing in Facebook. What should I do?
    – If the game isn’t loading, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
    1. Shut down all other running applications on your desktop computer as they can affect the game’s performance.
    2. Check that your Adobe Flash Player is up to date. Please click here to download the latest version to your computer.
    3. We also recommend resetting your browser, deleting your cookies and clearing your cache. This can all be done via your browser’s settings menu.
    4. If you have multiple browser windows or tabs open, please try closing them and refresh the page to load the game.
    5. Try restarting your computer.


Ore Blitz:

  •  What is the highest level in Ore Blitz?
    – The Highest level in Ore Blitz is 99,999.
  • I clicked a gift link, then it said the gift was invalid. What’s wrong?
    – Every gift lasts only 3 days. Stay tuned for new valid gifts.


Ore Blast Mania:

  •  What is the highest level in Ore Blast?
    – Currently, the Highest level in Ore Blast is 300.
  • I accepted an energy gift from my friend, but my energy doesn’t increase. What’s wrong?
    – You can only earn an energy from your friend if and only if you have less than 5 energies
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